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Prolonged-release melatonin - Circadin®

Circadin®, prolonged-release melatonin, is a new innovative sleep medication, first in a new class of drugs: melatonin receptor agonists, approved for use in Europe and several Asia-Pacific territories.

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Because of its novel formulation, Circadin® mimics the natural melatonin profile by releasing melatonin gradually over 8-10 hours. This results in the re-setting of natural circadian rhythms and the encouragement of natural, restorative sleep.

Circadin® is the first sleep agent to demonstrate improvements in next day functioning and quality of Life.

The regulatory approval of Circadin® represents a new therapeutic principle in insomnia therapy.

Quality of Sleep

The optimal amount, or quantity, of sleep varies from individual to individual. However, there is poor correlation between quantity of sleep, as measured by e.g. electrodes in sleep labs, and Quality of Sleep, as perceived by the patient. Quality of Sleep is more closely related to physical and mental health than to sleep quantity.

In contrast to other sleep drugs, focused on quantity of sleep, Quality of Sleep, as evaluated by validated questionnaires, has been the primary endpoint when developing Circadin®. By doing this the patient is in the focus: it is the personal experience of the refreshing outcome of their sleep, which is prioritised.

Quality of Life

Circadin® is fulfilling the unmet needs of insomniacs by improving sleep and daytime functioning leading to improved Quality of Life.

  • Safety

    Circadin® works via the natural sleep pathway and exhibits no rebound and withdrawal effects – its side effect profile is benign and shows no sign of dependency.

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