How to Use Circadin May 30, 2018
As demonstrated in Circadin® SPC 1 :

  • Circadin® should be taken after food, 1-2 hours before bedtime
  • Swallow the tablet whole – do not crush, chew or divide it if you wish to maintain the prolonged release properties
  • Circadin® does not have a “hammer” effect – you should just feel a natural sleepiness and desire to go to bed between 1-2 hours after taking it
  • Alcohol should not be taken with Circadin®, because it has a bad effect on sleep maintenance
  • For the best effect on quality of sleep you should take Circadin® at around the same time each night for the full 13 week treatment period and then see your doctor for review
  • If you have been using any other type of sleep medication before being prescribed Circadin® ask your doctor for advice on how to stop taking it in a gradual manner and switch over to Circadin®
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