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Monthly columns by Zachary Pearl (Phd), Staff. staff will release monthly columns covering the latest medical news globally, focusing on sleep-related issues and their effect on our lives.

Please note that Circadin® is indicated as monotherapy for the short-term treatment of primary insomnia characterized by poor quality of sleep in patients who are aged 55 or over. Accordingly, the off label use indicated below are not recommended and the prescribing and labelling of your country must be followed.

Here are our latest columns:

  • alcohol in bed

    How drinking alcohol affects sleep

    November, 2021

    Alcohol may help falling asleep faster but even just a couple of drinks can affect the quality of sleep. Regularly drinkers might end up awaken the next day feeling like they haven't had any rest at all.

  • Diet and Sleep

    How nutrition affects sleep

    September, 2021

    Sleep, like eating, is an essential part of life. The two are linked and influence one another. Read about the worst and best foods for sleep.

  • Sleeping Man and Woman

    Women vs. men – who sleep better?

    June, 2021

    There are clear biological differences between men’s and women’s sleep. Both circadian rhythms of melatonin and body temperature are set to an earlier hour in women. On average, women go to bed earlier and wake up earlier than men, while they are more likely to rate themselves as morning types than men.

  • Insomnia – not what you thought

    April, 2021

    Sleep problems are often mistakenly considered a normal part of aging, but in contrary to the myths, dangers associated with insomnia in older adults are markedly significant.

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    • Dr. Zach Pearl Staff

    • November, 2021
    • How drinking alcohol affects sleep

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