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Monthly columns by Zachary Pearl (Phd), Staff. staff will release monthly columns covering the latest medical news globally, focusing on sleep-related issues and their effect on our lives.

Please note that Circadin® is indicated as monotherapy for the short-term treatment of primary insomnia characterized by poor quality of sleep in patients who are aged 55 or over. Accordingly, the off label use indicated below are not recommended and the prescribing and labelling of your country must be followed.

Here are our latest columns:

  • Menopause and Sleep- are these linked?

    September, 2022

    Menopause is a critical transition period that can harm sleep and increase the risk for developing sleep disorders. Many women who are going through menopause have trouble falling asleep, or maintaining sleep because of hot flashes or night sweats. The prevalence of sleep disturbance increases with age from pre-menopause to post-menopausephase .

  • impaired work performance

    Insomnia impairs work performance and safety

    June, 2022

    Insomnia's burden on society is substantial, affecting several aspects of one’s health. Many studies link insomnia to impaired functioning, thus it is not surprising that insomnia has been associated with significant workplace deficits.

  • daylight savings

    How sleep is affected by seasonal time changes

    March, 2022

    Transitions into and out of Daylight Saving Time change the social and environmental timing and therefore affect millions of people annually. Learn how to pass through the transitions successfully.

  • napping on sofa

    To nap or not to nap – that is the question

    February, 2022

    Inadequate sleep can have a major impact on a person’s health, safety, mood and work performance. Napping can be one way of recovering a bit of the sleep debt that many people live with every day.

  • alcohol in bed

    How drinking alcohol affects sleep

    November, 2021

    Alcohol may help falling asleep faster but even just a couple of drinks can affect the quality of sleep. Regularly drinkers might end up awaken the next day feeling like they haven't had any rest at all.

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    • Dr. Zach Pearl Staff

    • September, 2022
    • Menopause and Sleep- are these linked?

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