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Circadin.com February 13, 2022

Circadin® (prolonged release melatonin) is a registered melatonin receptor agonist for insomnia treatment1.

As people age, the natural melatonin levels can decrease, making it harder for them to go to sleep and stay asleep2 3.

Circadin® is a new insomnia treatment that gradually releases melatonin during the night, designed to help patients with primary insomnia4.

Because melatonin production declines with age, patients aged 55 years and older with poor sleep problems are more likely to benefit1  8 .

Circadin® mimics the body’s natural melatonin profile4, gradually releasing melatonin during the night (8-10 hours) to improve the onset and quality of sleep, as well as daytime functioning and quality of life5 6.

Circadin® vs. Endogenous Melatonin

  • Circadin® melatonin release over predefined extended time period
  • Circadin® mimics the endogenous profile of melatonin secretion

Benefits of Circadin®1 5 6 7

  • Decreases time to fall asleep
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Improved daytime functioning
  • No evidence of rebound insomnia, dependence or withdrawal effects

Circadin®, prolonged-release melatonin, provides good quality, natural sleep for patients suffering from insomnia, offering an effective and safe treatment for their sleep problems. These activities have been tested in well controlled studies and recognized and approved by health authorities over the world.

Scientific data has shown that elderly people suffering from insomnia secrete lower levels of melatonin than those with good sleep quality, suggesting the relation between sleep problems and low melatonin levels.
Circadin® patented formulation mimics the natural melatonin profile by releasing melatonin gradually over 8-10 hours, which results in re-setting of the natural circadian rhythms and restorative sleep (fig 1).

Circadin® replaces the decreased melatonin levels so patients gain good sleep quality and subsequently improved daytime functioning. It is this unique profile that differentiates Circadin® from other available sleep drugs.

Circadin® is the first sleep medication to demonstrate positive effects on sleep quality, Quality of Life, and most importantly next day alertness and functioning5 6. This is of highest importance within the elderly population.

In clinical trials Circadin® has an excellent safety and tolerability profile with no obvious differences in safety parameters between active treatment and placebo group7. It has no negative effects on memory or rebound effects5 7.

Circadin® therefore provides insomnia patients an effective treatment with a favorable safety and tolerability profile. To enjoy the benefits of the prolonged release profile the tablet should be swallowed whole. Crushing or chewing the tablet will enhance the release of melatonin and perform more similar to an immediate release (regular) melatonin tablet.

Circadin® was approved in Europe by the EMA in 2007 for the treatment of primary insomnia in patients aged 55 years and older. Due to its good safety and tolerability profile, Circadin® treatment was not limited to 2-4 weeks as classical sedative sleep drugs, and is allowed to be taken for up to 3 months without interruption1.

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